Looking for the best human hair? You’re not alone in your search. The choices can be overwhelming when trying to buy human hair. Everyone claims to sell real human hair.

When you buy human hair online a benefit is the great prices.  The downfall is you can’t be sure you are getting real human hair. However, unless you are an expert, you can’t be sure of what you’re getting when you purchase in person either.

Most companies say they have the best human hair and list the same features:

  • 100% Human
  • Unprocessed
  • Virgin
  • Minimal shed
  • Minimal tangle

When you have the hair in hand you can use the following steps to inspect it.

Washing Test PicYou should be able to wash your human hair and have no dye residue left behind.  Virgin human hair has not been dyed.  It’s always it’s original color.  Usually a mixture of black and brown.
Tangle & Shedding Test Pic

You should be able to comb your extensions without encountering tangles.  There should also be minimal to no strands of hair in the comb or your fingers when you run either through.  No more than you’d get combing your own natural hair daily. 100% Human Hair Guru Burn Test

To prove if your hair is real human hair or synthetic you can do a burn test.  Per the image above, burning will produce different smells and feels.  Human and synthetic burn and smell differently.

We hope this helps you to make an educated decision whether you buy human hair online or in person. You should be satisfied that you did purchase the best human hair.  Also, whether you should purchase from the same supplier in the future.

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