As the name suggests protective styling is the act of styling your hair in a way that protects it. This usually involves low manipulation styles. Installing hair extensions is a great way to protective style. Extensions include but not limited wigs, braids, crochet, weaves and many more. The key to protective styling with extensions is to choose the best methods for you.

Here are some tips on protective styling with extensions.

1. Pick an experienced stylist

You should always vet your stylist before you schedule an appointment. Tell your stylist your hair concerns and let them recommend a style to you. LISTEN to their recommendations. If your stylist knows her craft she will be able to tell you what should work for you.

2. Pick the right method

Wigs, crochet, braids, updos and weaves are all methods you can protective style with extensions. The most important thing is to pick what works for you. crochet braids are beautiful but they may not work for someone who has experienced traction alopecia on her edges. This may aggravate the problem instead of alleviating it.

3.Pick quality extensions

A good weave with bad hair is a waste of money. There many hair extension brands on the market. Some claim to provide quality hair extensions and others actually provide quality extensions.

Have you tried protective styling with extensions? What methods have you tried?

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