How to Braid Hair with Human Hair Extensions?

There are various ways you can find online to braid your own hair. Most girls in my office have long hair, and almost all of them have tried braids. It is better to try a suitable hairstyle for each occasion, the hairstyle you wear for a sweet date must be different from the one for work. Today, I will show you two ways to braid your own hair, so that you can style them for most situations. Please follow these steps below if you want to braid your hair.


Girls whose hair is not thick or long enough can use hair extensions to braid. Human hair extensions is a good choice and friendly for you to style and can also blend your own hair perfectly. Real human hair extensions is expensive but that does not mean you can not get them. Our shop offers you a large variety of hair extensions at wholesale price. All our products are in high quality but sold at proper prices.

Traditional Braid is Classic

It is so easy for most girls to braid their hair into a traditional style. Here are the basic steps, girls who are still puzzled can see this and will have a better understanding. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair first, if you use a virgin hair extensions, you also can not skip this step. In most cases, girls should braid their hair several days after washing so that the braid will look beautiful. Divide your hair into three sections, cross the left section A over the middle part B, then cross the right part C over the updated middle part. Please keep braiding till then end of the sections. Use a non-rubber elastic to tie the end of the braid.

Clip-in Hair Extensions for Braid

Traditional Style Braid

French Style Braid

This is also a very popular braid style. Like traditional braid, you should use a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair to remove knots so that there will be no tangle when braiding. You can start a French braid anywhere, but please be sure to include the hair above your ears in your starting section. Separate the selected hair into three sections. The braiding process is very similar to traditional one, but you need to add extra hair strands during this process. For example, three sections are named A, B, C. Cross C over B, on the same side of C, you need to pick out a little strand and then add it to C, then cross over B together. Secure the end of the braid like traditional one.

French Style Braid

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