Why Some of the Best Hair Extensions Are Made of Virgin Remy Hair

If you’ve ever browsed the hair extension market, you probably noticed early on that there are numerous types of hair extensions. Hair extensions vary by source, color, type, and other specifications. One of the highest quality types of hair on the market, though, is Remy hair.
To be classified as Remy, hair must be gathered from the head of a human donor and must have cuticles that are intact. Other extensions often have cuticles that are stripped out during the manufacturing process. With Remy variants, however, extra care has been taken to ensure that all the cuticles lie in the same direction. This results in hair that looks more lustrous and natural, and better able to resist matting and tangling.

It is important to note, however, that just because hair is Remy doesn’t mean that it is virgin. In order to be classified as virgin hair, hair must meet a rigorous set of criteria. For instance, virgin hair must have been collected from one donor so all the strands are genetically identical and provide the most natural look.

Additionally, virgin Remy hair has not been subjected to any chemical processes such as coloring or perming. Although non-virgin Remy varieties are still of high quality, they have been permed, dyed, straightened, or undergone some other type of chemical process throughout their lifetime.

Remy varieties of hair are ideal for those who want to change up their style by perming, dying, and altering their hair because of its strength and durability. Additionally, this type of hair blends into your own natural hair better and can be treated in the same manner as natural hair. A Remy hair extension is not susceptible to the same heat and style restrictions imposed on synthetic hair extensions, and it is more responsive to styling products, which makes it the best option for style versatility.

Remy is among one of the most premium types of hair and can be purchased in bundles and clip-in extension forms. People who aren’t sure what type of hair extensions would look best on them might benefit from investing in some clip-in extensions at first and then switching to permanent ones as soon as they find the kind that they like the best. Count on a trusted retailer such as Virgin Hair Fixx to offer hair extensions and weaves of the finest quality.

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